born in Bremen
first graffiti works with the spraycan
Completion of a commercial apprenticeship in Bremen
Attendance of the Technical Secondary School for Design in Bremen
Since 1995
1995 free artistic work


2019 La Mire, Artcan Gallery, Marseille/France
2018-2019 Knotenpunkte, Hafenmuseum, Bremen/Germany
2018 Conquer New Spaces, Art is just a four letter word Gallery, Soest/Germany
2017/2018 DIALOG. Markus Genesius (WOW123) – Mirko Reisser (DAIM): Long Distance, Städtische Galerie Bremen, Bremen/Germany (with Mirko Reisser)
2016 One Step Beyond, Art is just a four letter word Gallery, Soest/Germany
2016 Inner Conflict, Villa Ichon, Bremen/Germany
2015 Imaginary Lines, Montana Gallery, Montpellier/France
2014 Phantom Images, Wow Gallery-Willi Bender, Heidelberg/Germany
2000 Graffiti a Piece of mine, Pro Art Gallery, Wow123 feat. Os gemeos (Brazil), Bremen/Germany
2020 Aesthetics, Does, Markus Genesius, ArtCan Gallery, Paris/France
2019 Konkret 1, Städtische Galerie Bremen, Bremen/Germany
2017 Rentrée des Artistes, Gallery Wallworks, Paris/France Night and day, Mister Freeze Gallery, Toulouse/France Melting Potes, Gallery Very Yes, Island of La Reunion/France Nu Geometry, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco/USA La collective, Montresso* Art Foundation, Marrakech/Morocco
2016 La Collective, Montresso* Art Foundation, Marrakech/Morocco
2015 Lost and found, Mister Freeze Gallery, Toulouse/France Similarities, AtomOne, Wow123, 44309 Gallery, Dortmund/Germany
2014 Knotenpunkte, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg/Germany 25! Montana Gallery, Barcelona/Spain Have a good Night – Have a good Day, Mister Freeze Gallery, Toulouse/France See No Evil, Weapon of choice Gallery, Bristol/UK
2010 Graffiti from Germany to China, 53 Art Museum, Ghouangzhou/China Aerosol-Urban Art from Germany to China, Red Tower, World Expo, Shanghai/China
2009 Spring 6!, Kunstfrühling Art fair, invited by the Städtische Galerie Bremen, Bremen/Germany
2007 Street Session-The Loft, Auckland/New Zealand
2004 The Most Dedicated, Disrupt Gallery, Auckland/New Zealand
2003 Urban Dream, Musée des Beaux Arts Charleroi, Charleroi/Belgium
2002 Rocking da North, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki/Finland
2001 Rocking da North, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki/Finland
Morroco Montresso* Art Foundation, Marrakech
France Dassault, Paris
Germany Städtische Galerie Bremen, Bremen Klingspor Museum, Offenbach Patrick Droste, Wuppertal


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LP, Hip Hop Festival, Luzern/ Switzerland
LP, Hard-Pop-Days, Bremen/Germany
LP, YOU, Youth fair, Dortmund/Germany
LP, Hip Hop Festival, Kiel/Germany
LP, Hip Hop Festival, Kassel/Germany
LP, Hip Hop Festival, Gera/Germany
LP, Hip Hop Festival, Stuttgart/Germany
Live performnace, Hip Hop Festival, Bielefeld/Germany
LP, Living Large, München/Germany
LP, YOU, Youth fair, Dortmund/Germany
LP, YOU, Youth fair, Berlin/Germany
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LP, Graffiti Worldtour, Republic of Singapore/Singapore
LP, Graffiti Worldtour, Melbourne, Sydney/Australia
LP, Hip Hop Festival, New York/USA
LP, Hip Hop Festival, Roma/Italy
LP, Urban Dream II, Charleroi/Belgium
LP, Urban Art Festival, Gdansk/Poland
LP, Destination Southafrica, Capetown/Southafrica
LP, Hip Hop Festival, Milano/Italy
LP, Kosmopolite, Paris/France
LP, Lovebox Weekender Festival, London/England
WP, HMPWERS, Bremen/Germany
WP, Based on a true Story, Bremen/Germany
WP, Art Republik, Jacksonville/USA WP, 40 years Too Strong, Dortmund/Germany
WP, Looking for the perfect Signal, Off the wall Festival, Bandung/Indonesia WP, 14 Arts aux Grand Voisons, Paris/France WP, Mister Freeze, Toulouse/France WP, Open Summer Jam, Toulouse/France WP, Metropolink Urban Art Festival, Heidelberg/Germany
WP, Ville Musee, Saint Denis, La Reunion Island/France WP, Metropolink Urban Art Festival, Heidelberg/Germany WP, Mister Freeze, Toulouse/France
WP, Montresso* Art Foundation, Marrakech/Morroco WP, Jardin Orange, Shenzen/China WP, Open Summer Jam – Rose Beton, Toulouse/France WP, Participation at Charity Wallpainting Millerntor Gallery, Waterproof#6 for Viva con Aqua, Hamburg/Germany WP, Fairplay for the UEFA Euro 2016 at the soccer Stadium of Toulouse, Toulouse/France
WP, Imaginary Lines, organized by the Robert Bosch Foundation in cooperation of german Goethe Institut and the Russian Artists Association, Archangelsk/Russia
WP, A Dream, World made of plastic, Bremen/Germany WP, A Dream, Dreams in a Bottle, Bremen/Germany WP, Street Art Brazil, Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt/Germany
WP, From City to City, Magnitogorsk, Ekaterinburg/Russia, WP, Mister Freeze, Toulouse/France
WP, Graffiti-Gold of the Streets, Bremen/Germany
WP, Tag der Sachsen, Zwickau/Germany
WP, Abstract Video, New York/USA
WP, Die Götter von Rügen, Kunsthof Gut Dangast, Rügen/Germany WP, Birds house, Oldenburg/Germany
WP, Jurassic Art, Bremen/Germany
WP, The Book, Bremen/Germany
WP, Kiwanis Club of Woodside, New York/USA
WP, ZDF Hip-Hop Documentation, Lost In Music, Hannover/Germany
2019 The court, a painted Basketball and Street Soccer field organized by Artcan Gallery Marseille in cooperation with Olympique Marseille and Puma France, Marseille/France
2017 Creation of two designs for handmade orient carpets for Bagherpur Knüpfwerke, Aschaffenburg/Germany